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We started our webinars in 2018 as a new way for network partners to connect with us and others in New Hampshire working on issues that affect the food system. Most of our webinars are cost-free and open to anyone intersted in joining us, and we feature different presenters and topics each month! This year, we are hosting the monthly webinar series to:

  • Highlight the diversity of food system work happening throughout New Hampshire;

  • Connect network partners across the state and across food system sectors;

  • Create space for sharing updates, asking questions, and promoting upcoming events;

  • Share knowledge and resources; and

  • Build stronger relationships throughout the network


 August 20, 12:00 - 1:00PM

"New Hampshire Fisheries & Marine Ecosystems"

Join us as we hear from industry expert Andrea Tomlinson, and UNH marine fisheries specialist Dr. Gabriela Bradt. Andrea will discuss the logistics involved in running a Community Supported Fishery and a Restaurant Supported Fishery and the importance of buying local fish. She will also educate us on the current status of imported seafood and why it is important to buy local, indigenous fish in your community. Gabby will discuss current issues regarding the future of NH Fisheries and the role aquaculture can/could play in sustaining NH Fisheries and local seafood access. She will discuss her current research in developing a fishery and markets for an invasive crustacean species as a model for resiliency.

Andrea Tomlinson is the general manager of the Seacoast's only community supported fisheries organization. New Hampshire Community Seafood (NHCS) is a cooperative of fishermen and consumers who have joined together to sustain New Hampshire’s fishing industry, promote locally sourced, under utilized fish and support the local economy.

Gabriela Bradt is a fisheries specialist at UNH Cooperative Extension and N.H. Sea Grant. Gabby focuses on several aspects of NH Fisheries including fishing gear outreach and education, direct marketing of local seafood, market development for new seafood products and seaweed aquaculture.

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