In the mid-1970's "And When We Went There The Cupboard Was Bare" was published, a paper meant to address the decline of New Hampshire farmland and the increasing reliance on other states for a food supply. This sparked interest, and was followed in 1979 by another paper, "Recommendations for a NH Food Policy" focusing on legislature. Since 1979, there have been surprisingly few developments in New Hampshire food policy other than the 2014 act known as "Granite State Farm to Plate".  

The Food Alliance network decided to create a policy team in late 2018 to assess the current landscape of food policy in New Hampshire and research and draft updated policy recommendations. Additionally, we have begun tracking current bills related to food and agriculture. You can view our full policy strategy and timeline here. If you would like to learn more about our policy work or get involved, please email Erin Hale.

Our Policy Strategy

 Policy Strategy


Our Timeline

Policy Timeline


Policy Tracker

In spring 2019, we started an online policy tracker in order to keep the network informed of current state legislature regarding food and agriculture. The policy tracker continues to be updated, and is not comprehensive. Please email Samantha Cave with any bills you think we should add to the tracker!

For the upcoming 2020 session, we will begin tracking LSRs as they are introduced. Stay tuned for a new, updated 2020 policy tracker soon.

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Need more information on New Hampshire's legislative process? Visit this state website for a description of current government procedure, or check this document for a broader overview of New Hampshire's General Court. For a description of language used by the New Hampshire legislature, visit this glossaryof terms.

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