Food is a powerful driver of economic development, public and ecosystem health, and vibrant working landscapes. When we strengthen food enterprises - the entrepreneurial backbone of the food system - everyone wins. 

Downloadable PDF of Viability Initiative

As the first strategic effort of the NH Food Alliance, the Viability Initiative is the result of over two years of building our network, listening to the concerns and hopes of hundreds of New Hampshire residents, and synthesizing dozens of food system reports. The common thread emerging from this work was that thriving local businesses are at the heart of our food system and can create cascading benefits for us all. The Viability Initiative outlines challenges and opportunities for farmers, fishermen, and food entrepreneurs, and describes how the NH Food Alliance will collaborate within a network structure to support food enterprises and promote a growing, healthy food system that benefits all residents in New Hampshire. 

Putting the Viability Initiative to Work

Take action in your community and workplace. Share the Viability Initiative with co-workers, neighbors, and local leaders. Align goals and strategies for your organization, business, or community with those featured in this document to achieve maximum impact.


Learn more about how the Viability Working Group refined and prioritized Viability Initiative approaches and actions in their summary report. For more details, take a look at the action plan worksheets.   What actions are you already taking to support viability in the Granite State? 

Monitor NH Food Alliance communications to learn about specific calls to action – harnessing the power of the network to influence policy and debates about the future of our food system.

Viability Initiative