Data Synthesis Team

At the conclusion of the regional gatherings, the Data Synthesis Team was convened for two, day-long meetings to distill the public input and food system data into leverage areas and key priorities. While the work of the Data Synthesis Team concluded in 2015, the members continue to be active in the NH Food Alliance work.

Design Team

The Design Team shaped the development of the network at the beginning of the initiative as well as creating a plan for working as a network to improve New Hampshire's food system.

Strategy Team

The Strategy Team helped to build the network through collaboration with stakeholders throughout the food system. This team also provided feedback to the NH Food Alliance on network and strategy content, and facilitated information sharing both within the network and with individual constituents.

Past Teams
As the focus of the NH Food Alliance changes, the network structure evolves to support current needs. The following are teams which were previously a part of the network structure. Many members of these teams have continued to be involved in currently collaborating teams.