Create a statewide educational campaign focused on raising awareness about local food and agriculture, increasing local food purchasing, and developing an agricultural identity for NH.  

Market Development


Convene a meeting/s between service providers; public and private funders; and farm, fish, and food producers to inventory current technical assistance programs and funding. Develop sustainable funding sources and mechanisms to support the technical assistance needed to build a strong supply chain to meet demand.

Food Access


Increase the number of households that purchase local food by expanding opportunities for SNAP/EBT customers to access local food in a variety of ways, such as through mobile markets, farmers’ markets, farm stands. Increase the amount of local food at retail outlets (e.g., grocery stores, convenience stores, etc.).

Take inventory of ways that local food is currently accessed within institutions, investigate what kind of language was used to develop contracts with local food producers, and work with regional partners to build capacity for institutions and communities to access local food by developing contract templates and providing technical assistance.

Land Resources


Leverage federal and municipal funds and new sources of private and public monies to raise awareness and capacity in securing agricultural easements, and educate farmers and land owners about the benefits of protecting their lands with conservation easements.


Chair: TBD

Develop a working group with key players from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the North Atlantic Marine Alliance, the New England Fisheries Management Council, NH Fishermen, and other members of the NH Fishing Industry to determine the appropriate direction for action around fisheries policy.


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Action Teams
Action Teams are responsible for implementing the priority actions from the Viability Initiative as identified by the Viability Working Group in 2016. Each Action Team is assigned to a specific focus area: Education, Market Development, Food Access, Land Resources, and Fisheries. Below you will find the action each team is currently working on.